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A Beginner's Guide to AWS


August 15, 2023

Before using AWS, you should sign in to your existing account. You will need to provide your email address, a password, and a confirmation password for security purposes. In addition, you will need to choose whether you want to use your account for personal or professional goals. You should also read the AWS customer agreement to ensure your account is safe.

Amazon Web Services

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud computing platform that gives you access to distributed processing capacity, APIs, and software tools through its AWS server farms. The company offers various packages to meet your needs. Some of these services are free of charge, while others have a recurring subscription fee.

AWS has hundreds of different products and services that can be used to build and run applications. Its products cover everything from web hosting to data storage. The list of AWS products is ever-growing and includes cloud computing, identity management, robotics, databases, and containers.

Amazon Web Services IaaS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a variety of cloud-based services. They include Software as a Service (SaaS). This is a form of hosted Software that customers use on demand and can access via the Internet. Unlike physical servers, which require maintenance and are expensive to buy, SaaS allows customers to pay for their Software as they go.

AWS provides a wide range of services and tools for businesses of all sizes. Its platform-agnostic nature makes it an ideal choice for organizations that need to digitize and build new solutions quickly. Its scalable architecture allows enterprises to scale up or down how they need to. Magento, for example, is a popular application that uses IaaS from Amazon. AWS also allows companies to develop new applications quickly and change hardware and Software on demand.

Amazon Web Services Platform-as-a-Service

AWS Platform-as-a-Service provides businesses with ready-to-use application infrastructure that can scale to meet their needs. These services allow companies to spend more time developing their applications and less worrying about infrastructure. They offer various infrastructure options, including available data centers and flexible services for custom-built apps.

Amazon's PaaS service offers developers an application platform to design and deploy their applications. They can use any operating system and access any hardware or Software they need over the Internet. These services also remove the hassle of maintaining physical servers. In addition to offering the ability to scale your application on demand, these services provide secure and continuous monitoring of your AWS resources.

Amazon Web Services APIs

Amazon Web Services is a service that offers an array of APIs for developers. These APIs are available over HTTP and use a REST architectural style. Some of these APIs still use the SOAP protocol, while others use JSON. For developers, Amazon's APIs are a huge help in building infrastructure as code. While most APIs are generic, you will find specific APIs for each service.

Resource-based policies typically contain a Principal field that specifies which identities are allowed to perform API calls. If the policy is set to reject requests from any identity, an API call that attempts to create or update a resource policy will fail with an error message. However, attackers can abuse this feature using different principles to identify users and roles. The targeted account cannot observe the enumeration process in such a case. Instead, the API logs will only be visible in the statement that altered the resource policies.