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Steps of Video Games Development Process


August 15, 2023

Putting together a video game can be challenging. There are many things to do, like drawing up the game on paper and putting it in boxes. It is essential to have a good understanding of what goes into making a game.


No matter the medium, pre-production is essential for making the best product possible. There are many things to think about, like time and money. In the creative media industry, this means finishing a long list of tasks before production.

This article will discuss the steps taken to make video games. It is meant to help students, teachers, and developers who work on their learning about the process. It is also meant to give researchers a creative example of how to do their research.

Many people, like game designers, 3D modelers, programmers, artists, and animators, are needed to pre-produce video games. This includes making the world, characters, vehicles, and more for the game. A team will also need to create mood boards, which are collections of pictures and words that it can share with other parts of the game-making process.

Usually, small committees work on the pre-production phase of a game. This helps ensure everyone is on the same page and that all tasks are done on time.

Designing a Game on Paper

When designing a video game, paper prototypes can be an excellent way to test your ideas. This method lets you quickly look at the most critical parts of a game's mechanics and make changes immediately. This method is beneficial if you are making a computer game. You will also save time and work by doing this. It's easy to make a paper prototype, which lets you test your idea while making changes to the game.

Paper prototypes are cheap, which is another reason why people use them. You won't have to buy any special tools or learn how to program to make your prototype. A prototype doesn't have to take long to make. You can even mock up the game's menus and levels if you're making a digital game. This will save you time and money while letting you quickly check out how a game looks and works.

Coding the Game

Using a coding game to improve your skills can be fun and helpful. Whether you already know how to code or are just starting, a good coding competition is a lot of fun. You'll have to think on your feet when you use a coding game to improve your game development skills. There are a lot of coding games available now. Some are for people who have never coded before, and others are for more experienced coders. There are also a lot of free coding games online that you can play. Check out our directory of coding games to find the one that fits your needs best. Whether you're looking for an excellent coding game for beginners or a more advanced coding game, you'll find that a coding match can help you improve your game development skills. A coding game might be the best way to learn how to make games. It is also a great way to learn about more complicated parts of coding.

Packaging the Game

Even though the PlayStation 2 and Wii came out, most video game packaging has stayed the same. Usually, it is printed on paper or paperboard and has a soft, polished finish. Most of the time, the case is thinner than a DVD case, so it is easier to store and put on a shelf.

The computer and cell phone industries have helped drive the market for video game packaging. Electronic distribution of all games is likely to become the norm in the future. The market is also expected to be driven by China's growing need for entertainment.

The rise in internet use is another crucial thing that will help the market grow. Home broad band will likely sell all games online as it becomes more common. E-commerce companies will also probably look for sustainable ways to package their goods. Using paper for packaging can reduce the amount of plastic used, and the amount of plastic trash made.